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Mecki – Sixty years of comic adventures
30.05.2010, 01:07 h
This morning the exhibition “Mecki – Sixty years of comic adventures” (30 May to 13 June 2010) – an exhibition by the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover – will open in the Kunstmuseum Erlangen! It showcases works by the Mecki artists Reinhold Escher, Wilhelm Petersen, Heinz Ludwig, Volker Reiche, Ully Arndt, Harald Siepermann and Johann Kiefersauer. The opening is at 11 a.m. in the Kunstmuseum Erlangen – Introduction: Dr. Hans-Joachim Neyer (Director of the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Hannover). The exhibition “Artistic Comics and Cartoons” will open at the same time. More information on this website under >>Exhibitions.

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»  Good-bye and till next time!
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Mecki – Sixty years of comic adventures
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