deutsche Versionfrom 3.-6.June 2010

toonsUp presents:
Let's Play!
3 to 6 June 2010
Opening hours: daily 1–10 p.m.
Gaststätte Hinterhaus

The comic artists‘ community toonsUp ( initiated a comics competition under the motto “Let’s Play!” during the first half of this year. Each participant was allowed to submit a maximum of three cartoons. The exhibition offers the opportunity to choose one’s favorite cartoon from all of the entries. The results will be made available on toonsUp’s homepage at the end of the 14th Erlangen International Comic Salon. The toonsUp community consists of German and international comic artists, among them many young artists as well as professionals. The stylistic spectrum ranges from classic cartoons to manga. toonsUp invites you to be part of the Comic Jam in the exhibition on Saturday, 5 June 2010 during the Salon. Artists will meet there to draw comics. All visitors of the Salon with artistic ambition are invited to take part or just watch the artists at work.

An exhibition by toonsUp for the 14th Erlangen International Comic Salon.
Comic Jam: Saturday, 5 June 2010, 5-10 p.m., Gaststätte Hinterhaus
Free admission!




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toonsUp presents:
Let's Play!
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